Amber and Johanne

Amber W. and Johanne T., both arrived at the HOPE Campus on December 3, 2018. When they arrived at HOPE Campus, Amber was working at a local agency and her fiancée had just started a job working for OK Foods. Amber is a 25 year old female, who moved with her fiancée, Johannes from Texas. When they arrived at the HOPE Campus, they were very eager to meet with their case manager to discuss their needs. Upon meeting the young couple, their case manager realized they had the motivation to begin their own program to help them meet their needs to move into their own place. Johannes was waiting on his job to begin at the time of their first meeting, he was eager to follow his own program to help him and his fiancée to hurry and get their own place. This young couple had completed all requirements that their case manager had asked of them within a couple of hours. They appeared to be excited to be able to complete their tasks in a timely manner and even days before they were due to be completed. Their case manager informed them of a program provided by the CSCDC to help the homeless population to be able to get a place of their own. When they became informed of the program, they were excited to do whatever they could to get their own house quickly. They met with the coordinator of the CSCDC and received a voucher to get an apartment. Once they received their voucher they were able to find a place and moved into their own apartment 10 days after moving into the Hope campus. At this time of update, Amber is still working at her job and Johannes has currently moved to a different position within his company. He is working a couple of blocks of the HOPE Campus; he returns a couple of times a week to eat dinner and to visit with his case manager.