HOPE Campus Expanding

HOPE Campus Expanding to Reduce Homelessness in the River Valley For Immediate Release Fort Smith, AR—HOPE Campus will break ground on an emergency shelter expansion on October 15, beginning step one of a three-step expansion. In August 2020, HOPE Campus received a 1.7-million-dollar Emergency Solutions Grant. Included in the grant are funds to expand the emergency shelter from 19 to 35 shelter beds—one-night-stay beds that can be renewed every night. Executive Director, Chris Joannides, is charging the expansion that will be on the west side of HOPE Campus property, behind the already existing dormitory. Following the completion of the emergency shelter expansion, the Campus will break ground on transitional housing units. According to the National Alliance to End Homelessness, “the solution to homelessness is simple—housing.”  Whether HOPE Campus offers temporary or transitional housing, they are committed to reducing homelessness in the River Valley and are proving successful. HOPE Campus opened three years ago (Sept. 29, 2017) to provide comprehensive services to the systematically homeless and underserved in the River Valley. Over the last three years, they have provided 98,987 beds, 26,571 loads of laundry, 115,684 showers, and 342,945 meals. The goal is for individuals to achieve self-sufficiency. Since opening, 656 people have gained employment, and 512 people have successfully transitioned out of HOPE Campus care into self-sufficiency. This expansion will perpetuate the mission of HOPE Campus and better the Fort Smith and surrounding communities by increasing the number of beds available to those who would normally sleep on the streets. For more information on the October 15, 2020 groundbreaking, contact Community Relations Coordinator, Maddie Hardwick, at [email protected] ; 479-668-4764 ext. 29.