Who We Are

The Riverview Hope Campus is a proactive approach to help those in need. The primary purposes of the campus are two-fold:

  • To be a beacon of hope for those in our area seeking human kindness, healthcare, services, and encouragement.
  • To reduce street homelessness by providing a safe place for homeless to rest their heads, obtain a meal, and provide hope within reach to unlock their potential.

The Need is Great:

There are thousands of individuals and families who are at-risk, unable to juggle work while obtaining adequate healthcare for their family, living paycheck to paycheck, and one emergency away from losing their housing.

On any given night in Ft Smith Arkansas there are 80-100 human beings sleeping on the streets, in tents, or behind dumpsters.

The Riverview Hope Campus addresses the following barriers that homeless face when trying to access shelter:  no place for their beloved companion animals, limited number of days able to stay, and limited access to comprehensive services like mental and healthcare on site.

Our Values:

  • Those who are disadvantaged or in crisis should be able to access services such as healthcare and counseling without having to miss excessive amounts of work.
  • Our nation’s veterans should not have to live in tents or behind dumpsters, but at a minimum should have access to the healthcare they need and a safe place to lay their head at night.
  • To us, giving mercy and respect to those experiencing homelessness and other low-income persons means providing a safe place to rest, a decent meal, and the opportunity to transform their life through ongoing counseling, preventive care, and services.

Our offices are currently located at:

301 South E Street

Fort Smith, AR 72901

(479) 668-4764

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