What We Do


To better understand our vision for the future, take a look at our past. In 2007, the Old Fort Homeless Coalition was formed to serve the  homeless and low-income citizens of Crawford, Franklin, Logan, Polk, Scott, and Sebastian counties.  OFHC is a coalition of 30 service providers working to ensure urgent needs are met, while reducing the risk of duplication of services.

While this relationship has been productive, it could be more effective if all of this work was brought together under one roof at a single location.  This is the vision of the Riverview Hope Campus.  We will provide a campus for chronically unsheltered individuals, along with a collaborative social services building. Studies have shown there is a 80 to 95 percent success rate of transitioning people out of homelessness with comprehensive services in a centralized location, compared to 7 to 10 percent success rate by models who do not offer centralized services.

Our mission is to take the band-aid off of homelessness.  We strive to give our clients the right help, right where they are. By bringing all our community’s services under one roof, access will be made easier and outcomes will be improved.